Engine. Flexibly Mounted. Six cylinder 67.5mm bore x 100mm stroke 2147cc/130.96 cu. in.
Compression Ratio 6-1. RAC rating 16.9hp Dual down-draught carburettor.
Sump capacity 13 pints.

Valves. Overhead operated by pushrods from camshaft in crankcase driven by Duplex chain from
4-bearing crankshaft.
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Rover P2 16hp Specifications
From the information I have there were a total of 4028 Rover 16hp Sport Saloons built between 1938-47

1938 produced 1550
1939         "        1440
1940         "             88
1946         "           225
1947         "           725

Cooling System. Water circulation by pump. A fan and automatic thermostat are also fitted.
Capacity 22 pints.

Lubrication. By pressure from gear type pump forcing oil to all bearings, overhead valve gear and timing chain. Chassis automatically lubricated by Luvax-Bijur system.
Ignition. Coil and Battery.

Dynamo. Fitted control system of automatic voltage regulation.

Fuel Supply. From (approx) 11
3/4 gallon tank at rear by electric pump to carburettor.

Clutch. Single dry plate.
Steering. Worm and nut. Spring spoke steering wheel. Turning Circle 40ft.

Gears. Four speed and reverse. Synchromesh 3rd and Top. Gearbox in unit with engine. Central remote gear control, mounted independent of power unit. Ratios, 1st--15.85-1, 2nd--9.60-1, 3rd--7.0-1. Top--4.7-1.

Road speed at 1000rpm in Top Gear 17.5mph.

Free Wheel. Controlled from instrument board, incorporated with gearbox; locks automatically when reversing.
Transmission. By open propeller shaft to spiral bevel type rear axle.

Brakes. Girling balanced mechanical brakes on all four wheels giving an extraordinary high efficiency. The hand brake operates independently on rear wheels only.

Suspension. Semi-elliptic front and rear springs. Hydraulic shock absorbers piston type, front and rear.

Tyre Sizes. 17 x 5.50. Easyclean Wheels.
Dimensions. Wheelbase 9ft 7in.   Front Track 4ft 4in., rear 4ft 6in.   Overall length 14ft 6in.  Overall width 5ft 2in.   Ground clearance 61/2"  Weight-Sport Saloon 273/4cwt.  Height-Sport Saloon 5ft 21/2".

Frame. Special deep section underslung chassis with box sections cross-members.

Jacking. Simplified jacking system.

Anti-Roll Stabiliser.
To front and rear axles.
Performance Data for 1939 Model   (I doubt very much if there was any difference between 1939 and 1947)

Top Gear Acceleration. 10-30mph 12
1/2 seconds

Maximum Speed. Top gear 70-75mph. Third gear 50mph.

Fuel Consumption at 30-40mph 22-24mpg.
Chassis Numbers.

There seems to be some confusion regarding chassis numbers so here's a guide for post war Rover P2s

The chassis number can be found on the chassis next to the steering column (RHD cars).
If you look into the engine bay on the drivers side you will see the steering column crossing over the chassis, at this point the chassis number should be on the main chassis leg (see left picture below).
There should be a 7 digit number and if the vehicle is an original "Export Model" the number will start with the letter "R" for RHD and "L" for LHD

On the bulkhead there is a brass plate (see right picture below) with a Body Number, (this is not the chassis number) this number (if original) will correspond with the last 4 digits of the chassis number.
For example if the chassis number is R6214537 the body number should be 4537.
Below is the Rover chassis number codes for models from 1940 to 1949

Seven-digit numbers, preceded on Export models for 1946-49 by an R or L prefix to denote right hand or left hand drive

First digit                                                    Second digit                                       Third digit
indicates year                                                   indicates model                                        indicates body type
0 = 1940                                                        1 = 10hp                                               1 = Saloon
6 = 1946                                                        2 = 12hp or 60                                     3 = Sports or 4-light Saloon
7 = 1947                                                        3 = 14hp                                               4 = Drophead Coupe
8 = 1948                                                        4 = 16hp or 75                                     5 = Tourer

The last four digits indicate the serial number, commencing from 0001 in each series for each model-year
I'm often asked what colour Tilly has been painted. From what I have been told it is a genuine Rover colour  from almost 20 years after she was built. The colour is Admiralty Blue which was a popular colour for the P5B and other Rovers built between 1966 and 1974. As I have never done any paintwork to the car I cannot  guarantee this is the correct colour
The paint code is as follows.
The original plugs for the Rover P2 would have been Lodge CB14 which are no longer available. A few years ago I managed to obtain 3 of them and thought you might like to see how sparkplugs have moved forward (tongue in cheek) since the 1940s

Lodge plugs came in sealed tin boxes at a cost of 5/- with a warning that if the seal was broken then they should be refused
On first looking at the plugs they donít look too different from modern equivalents but they are.

These plugs can be taken apart to be cleaned and separate into two major components. The insulated top part with the electrode unscrews from the bottom threaded part to make cleaning a simple task.

The part that screws into the cylinder head has not one but three earthing tags.

I can remember around 20 years ago Bosch anouncing the greatest innovation in spark plugs whick was the multi-earth triple tags. They must have forgot that Lodge did it some 40+ years before them
Sadly modern fuels and CB14 spark plugs are not compatible so these 3 plugs will never be used
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