I'm John and this is the story of Tilly, my 1947 Rover P2 16hp Sport Saloon (four light). From what I have been told there are only around 25 of these cars left in the world, and of these 25 only about 10 are still on the road. This story follows Tilly from November 1975 when she came into the possession of Royce Cole, through to when she was returned to the UK fifty five years after being exported new on January 5th 1948, and right up to the present day.
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Welcome to the 1947 Rover P2 website
My Story, which was published in the RSR Freewheel magazine in 2007 gives an insight into my ownership of Tilly while Royce Cole's story, is the detailed restoration as written by Royce Cole himself and was published in the Australian Freewheeling magazine in 1983. On the awards page you can see the awards Tilly has won to date. I only have three awards listed for when she was in Australia but I am sure there were more.

If you know of any further information that is missing from this website or would like to contribute please drop me an email and I will ensure that the site is updated
Tilly will be 62 on 30th December 2009
New pictures added to the Photo Gallery
New Awards from the Scottish All Rover Rally
New Award from the BVAC

Check back often as new technical pages will be added very soon

Coming up:-
Freewheel:...........A comprehensive guide to rebuilding your freewheel system
Lucas Startix:......How the equipment operates
Autovac:...............Maintenance and adjustment
Girling Brakes:....Adjustment & overhaul
Trafficators:.........Types, fitting, faults & repairs
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